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Hi my name is Joe Gonzalez and I’m the owner of Spic and Span Cleaning Services. We clean all styles of fine Area Rugs, Oriental rugs, Persian Rugs, Chinese Rugs, Turkish Rugs, Hand Woven Rugs and Machine Woven Rugs. We have specialized in the cleaning of natural fibers such as wool and cotton; we also clean man-made “synthetic” fibers such as Nylon, Olefin, and Polyester. Our in Shop cleaning processes will safely, and properly clean and restore your rug.

We like to refer to our process as a Rug Spa, with every rug leaving
refreshed, healthy and rejuvenated.

Fine Area Rugs Are Different than Carpet

One characteristic of fine wool rugs is their ability to hide soiling. This is due to wool being opaque and the wool fiber is almost like a microfiber in that soil wants to cling to the actual wool fiber far more so than to the smooth, translucent fibers found in carpet.

Proper Cleaning Is A Must

Are Your Rugs wearing apart right now?.. Over time, grit and dirt become deeply embedded within your fine area rug. It is this damaging soiling that like a SAW is grinding and cutting. Little by little, rug fibers are worn, abraded and cut by this dry soil. Without proper cleaning, your rug will have permanent damage effecting both the general appearance and overall structure of rug. All Fine Area Rugs, Oriental Rugs and other Area carpets should be taken out of the home for proper cleaning. Our in Shop cleaning process will remove the damaging grit, soiling and pollutants you are unable to remove through standard vacuuming.

Our Process Adds Years To Your Rugs Life.

Our process begins with Pick Up and Delivery which we offer free in many areas, or free when combined with other services. We also offer Furniture moving, during pickup and delivery when needed. Before the actual cleaning begins, each rug will be tested for colorfastness. If your rugs dyes are not stable we have products and techniques to counteract this – no one wants a Pink rug if it should be Red!
The Most Impactful Steps are next
It is these steps that will loosen and ultimately permit the removal of 80% or greater of the damaging dry soiling. During this process your rug will be placed upside down on a dusting rack and gently vibrated by thousands of rubber fingers. Even today, I am still amazed at how much dry soil wool area rugs can hold, especially if you have children or dogs.

BEWARE of Uneducated and Unknowledgeable Cleaners…

Using standard carpet cleaning solutions, will permanently damage your fine area rug. We use only, Wool Safe and certified cleaning products on fine area rugs. Wool is a protein fiber just like your hair; regular wall to wall carpet cleaning solutions alkalinity level (PH) is far too high for wool and will damage the actual fiber. Bleaches will actually dissolve rug fibers. Did we mention Spic & Span Cleaning Services is the only IICRC Certified Firm holding a Rug Cleaning Certification on the Central Coast, at this time!!! So, Trust the Pro’s…

Additional Services

At times, some rugs need more than a deep cleaning. We offer Pet Urine removal, Odor removal, Moth Removal, Moth protectant, and Fiber protection (Scotch guard treatment). We can also facilitate in the Repair of Fine Area Rugs.

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We will come to your home or office free of charge and with no obligation. During our consultation we will inspect each rug and discuss the cleaning costs and any special services your rugs may need. It is not uncommon for a fine hand-woven wool area rug to be passed along through generations…We want you and your family to enjoy each of your rugs for years to come.

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