Q: Do you offer Pick Up and Delivery?

A: Yes. We will pick up and deliver your rug(s) Monday through Friday. In many areas Free of charge, provided rug is ready for pickup.

Q: Can you move furniture?

A: Yes. For a reasonable charge, we can move furniture, clean the area rug was covering and fold pad. Upon return we can place rug in desired area and move necessary furniture.

Q: Do you offer Storage?

A: We are sorry at this time, we do not have the space to store rugs after cleaning.

Q: Can you remove pet odors?

A: Yes, depending on how your rug is made we can remove most odors up to 99% of on open backed rugs.

Q: Can you remove yellow pet stains?

A: Pet stains may be permanent, especially on wool area rugs. If fiber is synthetic we have a much higher potential of stain removal… We can provide you with tips for future accidents to lessen stain potential.

Q: What types of rugs do you clean?

A: Spic & Span Cleaning Services cleans all types and sizes of wool and synthetic area rugs.

Q: How much will it cost to clean my rug?

A: Cost is based on square footage of rug, and liner feet on fringe. The square footage cost rate is based on the fiber type, size, current condition and any extra treatments or repairs your rug needs. We will provide written pricing proposal prior to cleaning your area rug during our visual inspection of the rug.

Q: How long does it take to clean my rug?

A: Depending on required cleaning, 5 to 10 days. For moth treatments, Pet Urine removal and repairs we need a little longer.

Q: Is my rug worth cleaning?

A: What we have learned over the years is that the acquisition price may differ greatly from your personal aesthetic value placed on rug. In many cases you bought the rug based on size, color patterns etc. to meet your décor and NOT price. Based on this we will leave this question up to you- but will provide you with pricing to properly maintain rug.

Q: What methods of payment do you accept?

A: We prefer cash and check (with proper ID) but accept Visa, and MasterCard.

Q: Do I need a pad for under my rug?

A: In most cases yes. If your rug slips on your floor it is a safety issue. Also rugs placed on hard surfaces should have a pad to soften the walking impact on actual fibers. A pad will help keep your wood floors protected. Rub your knuckles across the back of your rug, if it scratches your knuckles it will scratch your floor.

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