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Hello, Joe Gonzalez here and my company has been restoring Tile & Grout since 2003.  Our proven restorative cleaning process has made hundreds of tile floors look like new again.  I would love the opportunity to met you and discuss how we can make your Tile & Grout Flooring look beautiful again.

Our goal is to make everything as easy as possible for you.  After your call we will come to your home and provide a FREE written in-home Flooring Inspection.  We will review the flooring inspection with you and discuss any areas of concern, and any special needs, furniture moving, pet’s etc.  Next we can schedule the actual restorative cleaning appointment.  Many residential tile floors can be restoratively cleaned in just one day.  Some floors may require a second day for the application of our premium clear grout sealer.

Do It Yourself Tile & Grout Cleaning is Not Easy

There is a point in time in which routine home cleaning methods will no longer yield satisfactory results. A simple check of your cleaning method effectiveness is to compare flooring under an area rug, pantry or closet.  If you can see a visible difference between the less used and the commonly cleaned areas then the current cleaning method has met its limits.  Chances are you have tried every “Miracle Cleaner”, possibly even bleach (bad stuff).  Scrubbing your tile floors with a toothbrush on your hands and knees yet you may still have grungy grout and dingy tiles!

Ok Mike…

What’s So Different About Your Method?


My Proven Tile & Grout Cleaning System

My system will restore and beautify your ceramic or porcelain floor tile & grout.  Your Tile will sparkle and your grout will look like NEW again.  After we clean, we can protect your grout with our premium clear sealer so it stays beautiful.  We can also clean and restore kitchen tile counters, bathroom tile counters and tile showers.  We even have an amazing product that does wonders on the toughest shower mildew. Say Goodbye to the Grunge!

Tile & Grout Cleaning Process 

We begin by setting up all necessary equipment, masking any stainless in work areas, placing corner guards, and moving furniture.  We then apply our premium professional grade tile and grout cleaning solution which immediately begins to loosen soil buildup, and then we will scrub tile and grout surfaces to further loosen soiling.  Our modern truck mounted tile cleaning machine develops super heated water, and pumps it to our closed chamber cleaning tools under very high pressures.  Next we will flush out and rinse away the years of soiling. This hot, high pressure water safely rinses the imbedded soils from within grout.  Lastly, all cleaning solutions and soils are vacuumed away during the rinse step.  Best of all, your floors are no wetter than a wet mopping during the cleaning process.

Seal in the Beauty

After we clean your tile floors and grout we can protect your grout with our premium clear sealer.  Grout is full of tiny holes or pores and to keep liquids and soils from getting into the pores, grout needs to be sealed.  Soils and spills will happen, grout that is sealed will stay looking great much longer as the soils will stay on the top of surface were they can be easily wiped away.


Tips On Your Daily & Routine Tile Floor Care

  • All floors benefit from frequent vacuuming which is far more effective than sweeping.
  • Vacuum or Sweep tile flooring prior to wet cleaning to lesson “muddy water” conditions.
  • Microfiber mop heads are better than foam or string mops.
  • Use a two bucket or double sink concept- one container has mopping solution; other container is to wring out soils into.
  • Use a measuring device and mix cleaning solutions to label instructions, more is not better, more leaves residues and wastes money.
  • Use cleaning solutions that clearly state “Neutral PH, and No Rinse Required”.  Don’t use Bleach or Ammonia as they will both damage sealers, and alter grout color.  Besides, bleach is not good for your health.
  • Wet clean flooring as needed, low use areas less often.
  • Maybe once a month use warm/hot water only with microfiber mop head.
  • If you have the energy dry wipe mopped areas to remove any residual soiling.
  • Renew grout sealer every three years.

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