Pet Urine, Pet Odor and Pet Stains Removal Process

Spic & Span understands that we love our four-legged members of the family, despite the occasional frustrations we have because of accidents and surprises. When pet stains, pet odor or pet urine leaves our carpet soiled and contaminated give us a call and we’ll get things back to normal.

Is Carpet Replacement Necessary?

Replacing carpets is generally not a cost effective option for most families. Spic & Span has the expertise to provide a solution that best fits customer expectations and budget. A black light and probe inspection will determine if pet urine has penetrated the carpets backing and padding. Once we perform our inspection our trained technician will then explain the different options available based on the extent of the pet damage and your budget.

Below are four commonly used procedures for addressing pet urine issues.

  1. Pull up your carpet, remove the affected pad, clean and seal the subfloor, seal the carpet backing, treat carpet fibers and replace the carpet pad. Then we re-install the carpet and proceed with a professional carpet cleaning. This is a very effective method, but also an extremely expensive one.
  2. We pour, spray, or inject special enzymes onto the carpet fibers and possibly into the carpet padding as well. When the enzymes make contact with the odor source urine solids begin to break down and help with odor control. This method can be effective if the pet urine hasn’t seeped into the carpet backing.
  3. Truck Mount steam cleaning. Although it’s the best method for deep carpet cleaning, it will not remove pet urine from the carpet backing, padding or subfloor. Having your carpets cleaned before removing the pet urine may very well aggravate the problem. A deodorizer can be applied during any carpet cleaning process, although this only masks and will not remove the odor source. If the odor source is caused by animal dander and body oils only, a Truck Mounted carpet steam cleaning may very well solve the odor issues.
  4. Sub-surface extraction. This is the preferred method of Spic & Span for dealing with stubborn pet stains and pet odors. It allows us to utilize our powerful state-of-the-art truckmount system and subsurface extractor, the “Water Claw”. This is a very effective remediation of pet odor and urine stains. Dollar for dollar, this is the most cost effective method to achieve proven results.

So what is this “Sub-Surface Extraction”, and how does it work?

Using a UV light (pet urine has a fluorescent glow under UV light) and a moisture probe, Spic & Span locates and marks all contaminated areas for treatment. Once completed, we prepare a specifically designed solution for pet urine removal. Complete saturation of the affected areas allow the liquid solution to flow through the carpet fibers while seeping deep into the carpet’s backing, padding and subfloor, reaching the entire odor source. The solution rehydrates, emulsifies and breaks down pet urine solids in preparation for extraction and fresh water rinsing. Technicians use the Water Claw, a specialty tool, designed to flush out the solution and animal waste from your carpets to a holding tank out side in our van. This method provides a 90% success rate for pet odor removal.

This image does a good job of explaining the process:

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