My personal preferences…


100% Water Cleanable will give best long term performance, and be less costly to maintain.


  • I would never buy a “Faux Silk” which is fake silk rug for a common use area. Other names you may see on label “Mercerized Cotton”, “Viscose” or “Rayon”. Fake silk is made from cotton and wood pulp then chemically altered giving a fiber that has the look and feel like genuine Silk.


  • No long shags with children, pets or in eating areas.


  • An excellent synthetic fiber for rooms with potential Pet Urine and or children food spills would be Nylon. Machine woven nylon, with no secondary backing is a very cleanable design.


  • Wool is an excellent fiber for rooms with smoking or fireplaces as fiber is naturally burn resistant… Casinos and Hotels generally have Wool for fire safety reasons.


  • Wool is an excellent all around fiber.


  • I would buy only Hand or Machine Woven rugs.


  • I would not buy a tufted wool rug. Tufting requires latex glue to hold fibers onto a backing. This glue inevitably breaks down and every time you lift the rug you will find yellow or white powder all over your floor, and it will get worse.


  • If the rug will be subject to Pet Urine and drink spills I would be very hesitant about purchasing a rug with a secondary backing. Sewn backings add another layer to trap pet urine or spills.