12 Secret Care Tips

  • Utilize effective scrubbing mats on the exterior side of all entry doors. This will keep much more soil outdoors and not on your floors. A good mat will scrub the bottom of shoe, while allowing sands and soils to fall below surface.

  • Place wiping mats on inside of entry points. This mat will dry shoe bottoms and provide one more wiping action.

  • Right Rug for intended use. . Don’t place rugs with limited cleaning options in harm’s way. A dry clean only material may not be the best choice for a dining room.

  • Use a Pad under rugs especially those placed on tile. This will help prevent sliding (safety) and soften the walking impact on actual fibers.

  • Rotate rugs periodically and place in different rooms. This will promote a more even wear, and lesson high traffic wear problems.

  • Vacuuming is your area rug’s friend when done correctly. Vacuuming your area rugs on a routine schedule will greatly extend rugs useful life. Rugs in main entry areas should be top vacuumed two or more times a week, rugs in common areas once a week and backside vacuumed periodically (monthly).


  • To remove the maximum amount of dirt from your area rug periodically turn the rug upside down and vacuum the backside of area rug first, this vibrates the dry soil to the top of the fibers. Using a rotating beater bar type of vacuum cleaner works the best.


  • For Wool area rugs it is best to use suction only to vacuum your area rug. The brushes on a rotating / beater bar type vacuum can remove the finer fibers and make your area rug fibers wear away faster.


  • For Synthetic rugs it is okay to use a rotating / beater bar on the top and back of area rug. The fibers on a Synthetic rug are the same as standard carpeting and will not be damaged by routine beater bar type vacuuming.


  • Fringes either use suction only or vacuum side to side across the area rug instead of lengthwise. This technique will keep fringes from getting damaged by getting twisted in beater bar.


  • Have your Fine Area Rugs dusted and professionally cleaned by Spic & Span Cleaning Services on a routine basis. Minimum suggested cleaning frequency every 6 months in Children’s or Pet areas, annually for rugs in common areas, every 18-24 months for non used rooms.


  • Spot cleaning Tips – Use only Wool Safe cleaning solutions on wool rugs, remove spills immediately, flush with clear water, remove as much moisture as possible. Mini wet Vac is a great tool. Not all rug materials are water cleanable. Know your rug type.

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