Buying Tips

It is our belief that rug types should be matched to intended room use. As an example, if a room will be used by small children and food is permitted then a shorter pile, non backed rug design may be optimal.. If however, this room is furnished with a thick Shag rug, with backing, it is highly likely that foods will become embedded within fibers, and liquid spills may go unnoticed. This Rug design will be far more challenging for DIY cleaning, and will not be a Healthy Rug.

We have a few tips that may help you receive the greatest value out of your rug purchase.

  1. Determine room use? Factors to consider children, pets, food, drink, smoking, pet accidents, entertaining, fireplace, frequent use, infrequent use, minimal direct sun, significant direct sun.
  2. What is your objective with rug purchase? To soften wood, or hard floor, change décor / look of room, comfort, color, etc.
  3. Do you have a rug construction preference? Do you want a hand-woven rug, machine woven or is a tufted rug your preference?
  4. Learn about desired rug designs cleaning requirements, before purchase. When meeting with your Rug Dealer ask that they explain each rug types cleaning requirements. Ask- if I spill Drink, Wine, Food, or have a Pet Accident can rug be wet cleaned safely? As an example: if rug is DRY CLEAN only and you will be placing in a dining room, not a good idea. Water Cleanable materials are the best choice for most applications…(Wool, Cotton, and Silk are examples of natural water cleanable fibers).

With this information discuss with your professional rug dealer the optimal rug type and design for intended use.

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My personal preferences…

  • 100% Water Cleanable will give best long term performance, and be less costly to maintain.
  • I would never buy a “Faux Silk” which is fake silk rug for a common use area. Other names you may see on label “Mercerized Cotton”, “Viscose” or “Rayon”. Fake silk is made from cotton and wood pulp then chemically altered giving a fiber that has the look and feel like genuine Silk.
  • No long shags with children, pets or in eating areas.
  • An excellent synthetic fiber for rooms with potential Pet Urine and or children food spills would be Nylon. Machine woven nylon, with no secondary backing is a very cleanable design.
  • Wool is an excellent fiber for rooms with smoking or fireplaces as fiber is naturally burn resistant… Casinos and Hotels generally have Wool for fire safety reasons.
  • Wool is an excellent all around fiber.
  • I would buy only Hand or Machine Woven rugs.
  • I would not buy a tufted wool rug. Tufting requires latex glue to hold fibers onto a backing. This glue inevitably breaks down and every time you lift the rug you will find yellow or white powder all over your floor, and it will get worse.
  • If the rug will be subject to Pet Urine and drink spills I would be very hesitant about purchasing a rug with a secondary backing. Sewn backings add another layer to trap pet urine or spills.